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TravelPro Suite Release - Jun 2, 2024

June 02, 20241 min read

We're pleased to bring you the latest updates in our software systems and processes this June 2, 2024. Our team has been hard at work enhancing our email templates, automations, and tags, as we continue to refine your user experience and add more functionality to our systems. Here's the detailed summary of our exciting updates:

Email Template

  • GB Step 3.100.2-E Proposal Approved (Online Travel Boss®) - archived

  • GB Step 3.100.2-E v06.02.24 Proposal Approved (Online Travel Boss®) - new updated number formatting


  • GB Step 4.100.20 Booking Confirmation - Proposal Approved - updated to use latest Email template

  • GB Step 4.100.21 Booking Confirmation - Group TEMPLATE - Updated Internal Message to Agents

  • GB Step 4.300.07 Booking With Confirmation - Import Client Automation Template-

    • New Automation Feature: Created new automation to allow Travel Advisors to automatically add to TravelPro Suite Client Booking Automations based on a specific tag. This feature is great for contacts that have already started a booking with you and payment have begun and you want to leverage the booking management inside of TPS. See guide to learn more:

  • GB Step 4.300.20: Client Booked Trip - 45 Day Before Flight & Passport Confirmation - Moved Sequence of Stage Movement

  • GB Step 4.300.40: Client Booked Trip - 7 Day Before Itinerary & Documents - - Moved Sequence of Stage Movement


  • cb - client booking import with confirmation

  • cb - client booking import without confirmation

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