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TravelPro Suite Release - May 8th, 2024

May 08, 20243 min read

We are thrilled to announce some exciting updates to our TravelPro Suite. The entire site has been redesigned with the brand identity now in line with our Online Travel Boss. We've also made some changes to our navigation to better align with industry terminology. 'Opportunities' has been renamed to 'Trips & Projects', and 'Documents & Contracts' is now known as the 'Proposal Section'.

With this update, we introduce a new tag, 'cb-travel-insurance-requested'. On the automation front, we've made several improvements to help streamline your processes, including fixes to issues with group booking confirmations, an automatic move to the Booking Confirmation stage upon deposit payment, and more.

Additionally, we're introducing a new email template, intended for Travel Insurance Quote Request Confirmations. We've also implemented adjustments to the 'The Presentation (Funnels)' sector in OPOS Step 2, specifically to the 'Travel Destination Template - Bali'.

Lastly, we've provided a guide on creating a separate checkout page for each room category. The instructional video can be viewed here: link

Thank you for your continuous support, and we hope these improvements enhance your experience with TravelPro Suite.

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TravelPro Suite Gets A Facelift

We’ve updated the design and layout of the entire site. We’ve now incorporated the TravelPro Suite brand in alignment with Online Travel Boss. We

Navigation Changes:

  • Opportunities: This has been renamed to Trips & Projects to be in alignment with our industry terminology.

  • Payments

    • Documents & Contracts: Has been renamed back to the original Proposal Section to be in alignment of the Proposal Training provided in the Payments Training


  • NEW TEMPLATE - GB Step 3.200.01-E Travel Insurance Quote Request Confirmation



NEW TAG cb-travel-insurance-requested


  • NEW GB Step 3.200.01 Request for Travel Insurance Quote Notification -

  • GB Step 4.100.21 Booking Confirmation - Group TEMPLATE - Add new tag

  • GB Step 4.100.22 Booking Confirmation - Group Payment Paths - Fixed issue with sending Group booking confirmations upon group trip payments.

  • GB Step 4.300.06: Client Booked Trip - Deposit Paid - Added automatically move trip to Booking Confirmation stage

  • GB Step 4.300.10: Client Booked Trip - 90 Day Before Passport Confirmation - update to skip communication if contacts enter after 90 days

  • GB Step 4.300.20: Client Booked Trip - 45 Day Before Flight & Passport Confirmation - fixed bug

  • GB Step 4.300.40: Client Booked Trip - 7 Day Before Itinerary & Documents - fix auto send of emails at 7 days before

  • Step 99.02 Opportunity Updates - Confirmations - Fix confirmation step to update field instead of opportunity

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