Release Notes 2024.02.10

TravelPro Suite Release Feb 10th

February 10, 20242 min read

Release Notes: Week of February 4th to February 10th

NEW OPOS Step 4 Client Booking Released

New Launched Business Process & Workflow Training:

New Training Now Available: Mastering Client Booking Management Setup & Processes with TravelPro Suite: Unlock the Power of Seamless Client Bookings: A Masterclass in TravelPro Suite

Dive deep into the art of crafting a client booking experience that’s both personalized and efficient with our latest masterclass. In "Unlock the Power of Seamless Client Bookings," we'll guide you through the comprehensive setup and customization of your client booking workflow using TravelPro Suite. This session is designed to empower travel professionals with the tools and insights needed to tailor the collection and dissemination of vital information to clients from the moment they approve a proposal or make their initial payment for group travels.

Experience the journey of transforming a simple "Yes, I want to go out of town" into a seamless, communication-rich process that ensures your clients are well-informed and engaged until they safely return. This masterclass is your gateway to mastering a workflow that not only enhances client satisfaction but also streamlines your operations for peak efficiency.

OPOS Step 1 Updates: The Request

OPOS Step 3 Update: New Training Now Available inside of Mastering Payments Masterclass

  • New Module 5: Accepting Payment Outside of TPS: Learn How to Obtain Credit Authorization for External Processed Transactions

  • New Module 6: Lesson 1: Handling Travel Insurance Waivers & Acknowledgment

New System Features

  • CRITICAL New Automation Release: Step 99.03: Assign User to New Contacts ensures that new contacts added are assigned to a person for internal notifications.

  • Auto Responder for Form/Survey Submissions!

  • Automatically send a copy of the form to the person who filled it out! Super simple to setup, just go to the bell icon in the form or survey builder.

  • Custom Subject: Define the subject line of the auto-response email. If left blank, the form or survey name will be used automatically.

  • Reply-To Email: Specify the email address for respondents to reply to.

  • Sender Name: Set the name that appears as the sender. If left empty, it defaults to your location or agency name. Awesome job team!

  • See How To:

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