Release Notes 2024.02.24

TravelPro Suite Release Feb 24th

February 24, 20244 min read

This release introduces a comprehensive update across various aspects of the platform, enhancing functionality, user experience, and automation efficiency. Here's a brief overview of what's included:

  • New Training Module: The Step 4 Mastering Client Booking Masterclass is now available in the TravelPro Community under the Learning Tab, offering advanced insights into client booking processes.

  • Custom Fields Enhancements: Significant reorganization and introduction of new fields, particularly for Commission Tracking, have been implemented. This includes the addition of fields like CB Client Itinerary URL and CB Travel Insurance URL for better management of trip details and insurance information in emails.

  • Email Templates Updates: Several email templates have been updated for clarity, personalization, and functionality. This includes the Booking Confirmation Proposal, the 7 Day Final Documents email which now includes a special instructions field, and the Supplier Request For Quotes email personalized based on the user's name. Fixes have been made to custom field references and the addition of company logos and emergency contact information.

  • Automation Updates: A reorganization of fields related to Commission Tracking and fixes to trip naming conventions to support multiple trips per client. Various automations have been adjusted or turned off to streamline processes, including updates to the Traveler Profile, Booking Confirmation, Trip Start Date Changes, Deposit Paid, Passport Confirmation, and Itinerary & Documents reminders.

  • Opportunity Updates: New automations and updates have been made to Opportunity Updates sections, including Confirmations, Special Instructions, and the CB Travel Insurance URL, to ensure accurate and efficient tracking and communication.

This release focuses on refining the platform's core functionalities, improving the management of commissions, client itineraries, and insurance details, and enhancing the overall user and client experience through updated email communications and automated processes.

New Training Available:

Custom Fields

  • Reorganized new upcoming fields related to Commission Tracking into new 9.0 Commission folder

  • CB Client Itinerary URL (O) - updated to designate as opportunity field

  • New Field: CB Travel Insurance URL (O) - used to manage traveler insurance trip URL for usage in emails

  • Reorganized new upcoming fields related to Commission Tracking into the new 9.0 Commission folder

Email Templates Updates

  • GB Step 4.180.01-E Booking Confirmation Proposal (Online Travel Boss®) - Updated format of Confirmation

  • GB Step 4.300.03-E Before You Go 7 Day Final Documents (Online Travel Boss®) - Add special instructions field to email template

    • Added Company logo

    • Added special instructions for custom field reference

    • Added Emergency Contact custom value reference

  • GB Step 1.30.02-E v2024.02.16 Send Supplier Request For Quotes v (Online Travel Boss®) - updated email to personalize based on user name

  • GB Step 4.300.20-E Before You Go 45 Days Passport & Flight Reminder #1 (Online Travel Boss®) - Fixed custom field reference error.

Automation Updates

  • Reorganized new upcoming fields related to Commission Tracking into the new 9.0 Commission folder

    • Fixed Trip Naming Convention

    • Fixed automation to allow for multiple trips per client (move to opportunity fields)

  • GB Step 4.100.2-F Traveler Profile (Online Travel Boss®) Additional Traveler info

    • Turned Off

  • GB Step 4.100.2-F Traveler Profile (Online Travel Boss®) - secondary form submission

    • Turned Off

  • GB Step 4.100.20 Booking Confirmation - Proposal Approved

    • fixed error in the Final Date determination

    • fixed Opportunity Naming Convention to look for Opportunity Trip Name

  • GB Step 4.300.05: Client Booked Trip - Trip Start Date Changes

    • Update Trip Reminder Series Based on Reset Action Request

  • GB Step 4.300.06: Client Booked Trip - Deposit Paid

    • changed to when the confirmation number has changed

  • GB Step 4.300.10: Client Booked Trip - 90 Days Before Passport Confirmation

    • Adjusted triggers

  • GB Step 4.300.20: Client Booked Trip - 45 Days Before Flight & Passport Confirmation

    • Adjusted triggers

    • Fixed automation to allow for multiple trips per client (move to opportunity fields)

  • GB Step 4.300.40: Client Booked Trip - 7 Days Before Itinerary & Documents

    • Adjusted triggers

  • GB Step 4.300.50: Client Booked Trip - 1 Day Before

    • Adjusted triggers

  • GB Step 4.300.60: Client Booked Trip - Trip Day

    • Adjusted triggers

  • Step 99.02 Opportunity Updates - Confirmations

    • update name spelling

  • Step 99.04 Opportunity Updates - Special Instructions

    • new automation

  • Step 99.06 Opportunity Updates - CB Travel Insurance URL

    • new automation

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